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  • smile-in 2.2

    smile-in is a face recognition logon tool for Windows. It uses an external or inegrated web camera. With smile-in you replace your password logon to Windows with your face! Nice and friendly interface of smile-in makes
  • Free Amusing Screensaver 1.0

    Are you bored? Do you want to have a good laugh? Download this amusing screensaver and it will bring tons of fun and joy right to your desktop absolutely free. Just smile and have a great day! FEATURES OF free AMUSING
  • Smile 1.00.39

    Challenge your mind with this puzzle game. Your goal is to turn all the frown game pieces into smiley game pieces. Do this by jumping over the game pieces to flip them. If you jump over a smile, it becomes a frown. If
  • Spread Smiles Animated Wallpaper 3.0

    The wallpaper brings you quite a few reasons to smile. This one is sure to get you grinning with every look you take. Get the bubbly and colorful wallpaper on your desktop Now. Let it remind you to smile
  • JBuzzer 1.0.6

    JBuzzer is a free Java application that allows to load audio samples and assign them to keys on your computer keyboard. Currently audio samples in PCM (*.wav) and MPEG Layer 3 (*.mp3) are supported. You may add as
  • Photodontics

    Photodontics is a dental image management system based on ThumbsPlus, with many features designed specially for dentists and orthodontists, including: Dentistry data. Keep track of your images by Patient ID, Patient
  • 7art Waterfall Clock ScreenSaver 1.5

    Invite the mirracles to your life! There are magical trees near the waterfall. The Cheshire Cat lives here. He likes to smile so much that his smile could exist even without the cat itself. Look at the cat's gradual
  • Tu2 2.5

    Tu2 is a (standalone) phrase sampler which means it will make music and sound out of samples you feed it. Tu2 will stack samples, loops and SoundBites for you. You can Slice 'n dice them, mutilate them, filter them,
  • The Tuareg 2.5

    Tu2 is a (standalone) phrase sampler which means it will make music and sound out of samples you feed it. Tu2 will stack samples, loops and SoundBites for you. You can Slice 'n dice them, mutilate them, filter them,
  • IQ Laughing Phone 1.0

    We know life can be hard, but you need to keep a smile on your face and it will be easier to face it. If you have a hard moment and nobody is there to help you get over it, you can always count on your mobile phone. Now
  • Amusing Pets Screensaver 1.0

    This outstanding Amusing Pets Screensaver featuring a fabulous SlideShow of fantastic funny pets images is here to help you!You can't but smile watching these lovely pictures. Your mood will Rise immediately. Features:
  • CyberSource Simple Order API for .NET 5.0.2

    The lib directory contains the binaries necessary to build an application that will communicate with the CyberSource Web Services server.The src directory contains the source code and solution files for the client.The
  • Cheshire Cat Clock screensaver 3.1

    The Cheshire Cat LiVES in magical forest near the Waterfall. He likes smiling so much that his smile could exist without the cat itself. Look at the cat's gradual disappering and cheer your moods each time you check
  • Beatz Maker (Free Edition) 1.8

    Loop Based Music And Sample Creation. Six Tracks. Six Effects. Edit samples. Record To wav. Copy, Cut and Paste sections. Load New samples in. In free version you can only use one block and save as a sample. full
  • NVIDIA Direct3D SDK 11.0.328.2105

    This all-new collection of DirectX 11 code samples teaches developers how to make the most of the latest GeForce GPUs. The SDK includes a browser, clear code samples, detailed whitepapers, and videos. Featured samples
  • MyFelix 2.12

    MyFelix is a lovely application developed by Purina for all those who love cats. Felix is your computer pet, a nice kitty living beyond your screen, sleeping, leaving paw prints on your screen, meowing and purring. You
  • Vista Style Icons - Emoticons 1.0

    30 smile icons for your instant messenger, forum, email or any other communication tool.Icons ListAdore, Angry, Badly, Celebrate, Cool, Cry, Dizzy, Easy-Money, Frown, Furious, Hysterical, Impish, Kiss, Kissed, Laugh,
  • VeriLook Standard SDK Trial 5.5

    Webcam capable multiplatform face identification SDK for stand-alone and Web based applications. Based on reliable face recognition technology that matches 440,000 faces per second and is able to detect person's gender
  • smile-in face logon tool 2.0.1

    The face logon tool for Windows is smile-in that allows you logon to your Windows account by utilizing face recognition technology with live detection. You just have to look in your webcamand, it will recognize your
  • ArrayStar

    To analyze gene expression and sequence variation of samples the ArrayStar can help you do this by using its powerful software tools. You can get the detailed report for your samples and also comes with RNA ChIP Seq and
  • Gungirl Sequencer 0.3.1

    Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer, it provides a simple FileManager to add WAV-samples to your Mix. Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer, it provides a simple Filemanager to add
  • NVIDIA OpenGL SDK 10.52.808.1735

    NVIDIA Graphics SDK are available in two versions: one supporting Direct3D, the other supporting OpenGL. Featured samples include: 3D Vision, hair, FXAA, horizon-based ambient occlusion, stochastic transparency, terrain
  • Visual C++ .NET 2003 Code Samples 1.0

    This set of samples for Visual C++ 2003 contains 75 high quality example projects. Subjects covered in the samples include working with strings, role-based security, regular expressions, Windows Forms and much
  • Animated Renew The Self Screensaver 1.0

    free Animated Renew The Self Screensaver Easter and spring come together. Flowers bloom to tell us that the Lord has risen. Download this free screensaver today to feel the spirit of Easter soothe your soul and the
  • SP-555 Wave Converter 1.0.0006

    You can use handy SP-555 Wave Converter for performing bi-directional conversion between the samples in a memory card. You can perform conversion only on those samples that are formatted by the SP-555 itself.
  • Hydrogen Drumkits for LMMS 0.4.10

    Hydrogen Drumkits for LMMS doubles or triples the library of drum samples and brings in a bunch of great sounds. LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a free cross-platform music studio which allows you to produce music with
  • OEM Logo Manager 1.0

    With OEM Logo Manager you can choose from a whole range of pre supplied bitmap images or search your system for your own. On start up the program will add all bitmaps in the samples folder to the drop down samples box
  • SoundReplacer 8.0

    SoundReplacer allows you to replace or mix an existing audio track with new samples from your sound Library. SoundReplacer allows you to retain the original feel by matching the timing and automatically adjusting the
  • Warm & Fuzzy Holiday Clock 1.0

    A clock that will bring a smile to your face as it changes with the
  • GoodMorning! 1.0

    let?s start the day with a smile is a free program which will put you into high spirit at the beginning of each day by providing you with a dose of good humor. It has an eye-catching interface and, you can get to know