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  • 3D Fire Sphere Screensaver 1.0.0.

    This 3D Clock Features are: Specially designed 3D atmosphere, Unique sound environment, 3D animations, Adjustable 3D settings, Cameras selection, Lights selection ,Sounds and Music selection, High quality textures (Fire
  • 3D Green Power Screensaver 1.0.0.

    This 3D Clock Features are: Specially designed 3D atmosphere, Unique sound environment, 3D animations, Adjustable 3D settings, Cameras selection, Lights selection ,Sounds and Music selection, High quality textures
  • Paste Into 1.3.2

    Paste a resized picture into a selection with optional wrap to the selection. There is a option to paste an image arround the selection for example to make circular
  • ASHv2 2.5.5

    ASH Design Assistance Software software tool includes the Frequency selection Guide and configuration summaries for all RFM Transceivers, Transmitters, Receivers and Modules, user design settings including modulation
  • Flip Selection Effect 1.0

    This Adobe Photoshop plugin allows you to flip a selection in your image. With Flip selection Effect you can select a part of your image and flip it, or just flip the whole picture. Flip selection Effect allows you to
  • NiGulp 1.5

    Explore and execute PhotoShop compatible plugin filters (8BF) over desired image. All popular image formats supported (GIF, JPEG, TARGA, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, PCX, PNG...). Use various selection types, add current
  • PictureSuit 4.01

    Creating selections. - Standard shape selection is available. - Polygon/Freehand selection: press [space] to create new polygon line and HOLD it to continuous selection. - For accurate selection use pixel selection. -
  • HoldemViewer

    HoldemViewer is a free hand selection tool for any serious poker player or student. HoldemViewer can supports a slew of hand ranking methods as well as user-defined rankings and partial selection and evaluation. With
  • Selection Manager for CorelDRAW 11 1.0

    Oberon selection Manager is an add-on for CorelDRAW which allows your to save and restore selections in CorelDRAW documents. Now you can save as many selections as you wish and then restore them instantly at any time
  • PasteVertexBuffer Modifier 1.1

    This is a tool that enables you to copy and paste vertex positions and vertex selections to and from anywhere in the stack. Deformation: enables the paste vertex position part of the plugin. Effect Multiplier: bLend
  • Danfoss Foresee 3.0

    Foresee™ is a calculation and selection program for Danfoss products. It calculates the capacity of a given compressor and searches for compressors that match a required cooling capacity.The program can switch rapidly
  • Shear 1.0

    The Fitler just performs a Shift on the input image. You can sepcify the line along which the shift is performed a well as the strength. If the input image comes with a feathered selection the selection intensity is
  • Pedimap 1.1

    Pedimap is a tool for exploring and visualizing the flow of phenotypes and alleles (observed or based on Identity-by-Descent calculations) through pedigrees. It has tools for the manual and automatic selection of parts
  • SelectEx 2000

    Simplifies file selection in Windows Explorer.SelectEx 2000 has: Multiple selection criteria, extended wildcards in selection criteria, adding or subtracting object from current selection, history of used criteria, Open
  • Filter-Action 2.0

    Filter-Action ??? apply different types of filters for fast selection in AutoCAD. Easy and fast creation of filter groups. Isolate selection - more powerful and flexible than layiso (ExPress Tools) command. Hide
  • Copy URL+ 1.3.2

    The Copy uRL+ extension enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document's address along with additional information such as the document's title, the current selection or both. You might find this behavior
  • Polygons 1.2

    This plug-in draws N-sided polygons and/or a Circle into the selection, a path, or a new Layer. If you create a selection or a path it can be 'Stroked' to Paint the object. Try (free-)transforming, expanding,
  • Falco Image Studio 1.9

    Falco Image Editor is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export images. Create professional looking images with ease. Key features: 1. Loading from BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, PSD(Photoshop), TIFF, TARGA files. 2. Saving in
  • Inpaint 3.0

    Inpaint software is used for reconstructing the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. It deletes any unwanted object from your photo i.e. extra power-line, people, text, etc as well as it has
  • Chrome Styler (Beautiful Selection) 1.6

    Want to style your Chrome by yourself? Now this'll help you with it! This is a extension which will let you set the Default CSS of every pages you go except the Extension Gallery PaGE. This is a fork of Beautiful
  • NetVu Client

    NetVu Client provides a FREE easy to use GUI to access video servers, such as the Aquila.Live or recorded images can be accessed, either in Full screen, or multiple display modes.Controls are provided for camera
  • SigmaJunmaSize+ En 1.7.1

    Optimal selection for your application Rotary and Linar Motors with consideration of moment of inertia, brake resistor selection, etc.Features: - Obtain product updates - Select the optimal servomotor with the help
  • 3D Psycho Clock Screensaver 1.0.0.

    Aktiva-S Saver 3D Clock Collection Features: Specially designed 3D atmosphere Unique sound environment Many types of 3D clocks and 3D watches with animations Adjustable 3D settings Cameras selection Lights
  • Small Trad 2.0d

    This extension provides a translation of your selection without opening a new tab or window. You will always have the context of your selection under your eyes to understand and keep on reading. Numerous language pairs
  • JSesame 1.08

    JSESAME is a JAVA application for providing a user-friendly graphical interface for H/V spectral ratio technique used in local site effect studies. The program uses the functions of automatic window selection and H/V
  • Lock The Text 0.24

    - To Lock the text, Highlight any part of the text then select 'Lock' - To unlock text, highlight the text (including the --BEGIN/END LOCKTHETEXT-- markers), then select 'Unlock' - Focus your cursor in an input/textarea
  • LOSITAN - Selection Workbench 1.0.0

    LOSITAN is a selection detection workbench based on the fdist Fst outlier methods. It runs in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is able to use modern multi-core processor architectures.Understanding the contribution of
  • Selection Links 0.0.4

    selection Links fetches all links inside a text selection for opening or downloading. Instead of the Default behaviour of Mozilla Firefox, this add-on can also handle multiple links. It also gives you the possibility to
  • WinMPG DVD Ripper

    WinMPG DVD Ripper is used for ripping DVD. You can use it for ripping from DVD, VOB or MPEG2 files and it gives you output in the following format: MPEG1, MPEG2, or AVI. You can play it even without DVD-ROM driver. It
  • GA To Solve The Unit Commitment Problem -

    This is an exprimentation of using genetic Algorithm to solve the Unit Commitment problem. It focuses on the effect of different selection towards the robustness of the GA. In this code, I only include the GA with